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We are proud to offer gender neutral pricing. Our services are priced based on length of hair, complexity of service, and time taken to reach your hair goals. If you have any questions regarding our pricing, please feel free to give us a call to book a consultation. 


Barber Cut (30 minutes)

-clipper cuts, mean fades, buzzzzzzed

from $40

Short/Cropped (45 minutes)

-Scissor over comb/pixie

If your hair is longer than buzzed and shorter than chin length, this is what you want to book. 

from $60

Mid/Long Cut (1-1.5 hr)

If your hair is longer than your chin, this is for you. If you are going from long to short, a transitional haircut is also in this category, so please inform us of the big makeover when you book!


** Some short hair Sassoon inspired precision haircuts also fall under this category, as these are specialized**

from $70

Colour (root touch up)

from $70

Colour (root to end single colour)

from $100

Highlight Full (includes toner)

from $150

Highlight Partial (includes toner)

from $110

Bleach and Tone (no more than 8 weeks regrowth)

from $140

Bleach and Tone plus Creative Colour

from $170

Maintenance Toner Between Appointments

from $60

Balayage/ Ombre/ Foilayage

These are very unique services that require both skill and creativity.These services create depth and dimension, and can be used to create soft sun kissed looks or vibrant extreme do's. Because every balayage/ombré service is customized, we suggest a consult to see which technique is best to suit your hair, end goal, and budget.

$200 to $300+

Blow Dry after Colour Service


Special Occasion Style / Blow Dry


Colour Correction / Major Colour Change / Bleach and Tone over 8 weeks regrowth

$100+ Per Hour - Consult Required

Elumen Colour

*Elumen hair colour is a high performance Goldwell colour that produces intense and vibrant results. It has remarkable shine and durability. It's the only one of its kind, and because it is a speciality colour, a consult is required to give you a quote.


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A Note About Weddings

So, here's the deal with weddings. We no longer offer hair services for wedding parties. We will be happy to recommend another salon or mobile service to help make your day special but we have chosen to focus only on cutting and colouring at Strut.


The Myth About Dirty Hair

There has been a rumor going around for years about how you should have dirty hair for your colour appointment. This ladies, is a myth! A colour application should be performed on clean dry hair for best results. Too much natural oil on the hair can prevent the penetration of the colouring agents. The end result is a less intense and/or shorter lasting colour. You can wash your hair the night before your colour appointment. Having a lot of styling products in your hair can also cause uneven colour results. If we have to wash your hair in order to perform a colour service you will be charged.


Note: The only exception to this is if you have a sensitive scalp and are getting an on-scalp bleach and tone


Creativity and Your Bangs

Strut clients tend to be very creative people. They have been known, on occasion, to cut their own hair. To protect our clients from themselves, we offer one free bang trim between regularly scheduled hair appointments. Please put down your kitchen scissors and call your stylist today! ** if you're currently not sportin bangs but you want a new fresh fringe, this is a full haircut! NOT a bang trim **



Strut offers free wifi to all our clients just ask your stylist for the password during your appointment. Please don't forget your headphones if you are enjoying your portable devices. You might be entertained, but we won't be.


Cancellation Policy

We get it, shit happens. Life sometimes gets in the way of appointments. However, due to a number of "no-shows" affecting our business, we will be introducing a new no-show/ late policy. Please allow 24 hours notice if you can't make an appointment or if you need to reschedule. Otherwise, 50% of the price of the service you have booked will be charged to your next appointment. Also, being fashionably late is great for cocktail parties, but not for us! Expect a gentle scolding if you're late more than 10 minutes. There's a chance you may have to reschedule and/or pay for your stylist's time. We have a text confirmation system in effect and if there's a no show after the appointment has been confirmed, we will be suggesting another salon to visit!

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